The EPDM system is guaranteed for 20 years and this can be increased with regular maintenance. Once laid, EPDM can help to lower the costs of heating and cooling and is resistant to almost all weather conditions. Commercial benefits include low cost and fast installation as well as very low leakage probability and very long life span.

  • Safer Installation – no torches required

  • Faster Installation – larger rolls, less seams

  • Can be installed any time of the year

  • More lightweight than conventional roofing

  • High quality engineered polymers – not by-products

  • Longest service life of any product in the roofing industry

  • Highly resistant to water, hail, UV and seasonal membrane fatigue

  • Resistant to extreme heat and fire

  • Recyclable and easy to install additional roofing features

  • Does not become brittle with age

  • Over 1 billion square metres installed worldwide

  • BBA approved


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Polyurethane Liquid Roofing

Polyurethane Liquid Roofing can also help to reduce costs of heating and cooling, however it has other commercial benefits too. The liquid forms a single membrane meaning there are no seams, making the roof essentially leak-proof. It can be applied to almost any surface meaning that older buildings can still benefit the application of this product. Also, it is highly resistant to weather conditions.

  • Rubber-based top coating

  • Applied cold – no need for heat

  • Water repellent

  • 15 year guarantee

  • Can be applied to asphalt, masonry, plywood, fibreglass and even metal

  • Perfect for exterior finishes


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Polyroof is BBA approved and has a durability rating of 30 years. Robust, seamless and waterproof, Polyroof is comprised of polyester resin and has fantastic commercial applications, especially if you’re expecting foot traffic on your installation.

  • BBA approved

  • 30 year durability rating

  • Fire resistant – achieving the highest rating BROOF(t4)

  • Impact-resistant finish

  • Perfect for commercial builds and architectural specific requirements

  • Fast Installation – Liquid polyester rapid application

  • Multi-surface applications

  • Can be used on existing problematic roofing structures to extend lifespan


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Dryseal is a glass-reinforced polyester (GRP roofing) system and is a great option for commercial projects. This system is mechanically fixed and allows air-flow between the membrane and substrate allowing ventilation and eliminating condensation. Dryseal can be a useful option for builds with mechanical or industrial requirements.

  • Fast Installation – mechanically fixed, not ‘wet-lay’

  • Highly durable – against weather

  • Glass-reinforced Polyester (GRP)

  • BBA approved

  • Reduced condensation for over-roof application

  • Perfect as a water-proof membrane

  • 20 years leak free guarantee

  • Environmentally friendly

  • CAN be applied over combustible susbstrate (UK Building Regulations)

  • High puncture resistance

  • Aesthetic finish options available


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